Health Benefits of Hoverboards

Hoverboard Craze

 Hoverboards are among the latest technology craze, both for kids and adults who are itching for the latest gadgets as well as for fitness buffs who are on the lookout for new ways to achieve optimal fitness or just spice up their tired routines. Sometimes what’s new and trendy isn’t necessarily good for us. While hoverboards arguably require considerable amounts of skill and finesse to use, they do offer plenty of unexpected health benefits. Before you know it, parents will be snagging their kids’ hoverboards and putting them to work!

Technology and Fitness

Fitness buffs, coaches, personal trainers, and physical fitness teachers are adept at modifying the most unexpected technologies to suit their health goals. In recent years, the video gaming industry has had a dramatic impact on health in children and even in unlikely arenas: senior citizens and senior centers have put the Nintendo Wii to use in helping foster improved mental and physical fitness in seniors. Wii golf and Wii bowling are wildly popular activities. Pokémon Go is yet another video game driving record numbers of children, teens and young adults outside, getting their exercise perhaps in spite of themselves.

Hoverboard Health

Once hoverboards arrived on the scene, it seemed like a leap backwards in encouraging people to be active and move their bodies for health and physical fitness. But creative, enterprising health and fitness professionals quickly realized the fitness potential of hoverboards. Think about it: there’s a reason that proper hoverboard use requires a helmet. If you don’t properly engage your core to maximize balance and practice proper technique, you’ll take a nosedive onto the concrete. You need worry about no such thing so long as you practice proper hoverboard technique and responsible hoverboard use.

Some clever people have put together entire hoverboard exercise routines, using nothing more than their bodies and their hoverboards. See the video below for an example of one such workout routine:

As you can see from videos like that, hoverboard activities engage muscles throughout your entire body, from your core muscles to your quads. Less obvious muscles, such as your biceps, can be engaged as well, depending on use. As demonstrated in the clip, you can use things like hand weights and medicine balls to enhance your workout. You can even use a hoverboard to practice certain forms of yoga, do balancing handstands with a variety of poses or you can simply go for a 12-mile ride, engaging your muscles as you balance yourself the whole way.

Again, always practice responsible hoverboard use. When you browse through the varieties of hoverboards for sale, you’ll be able to select the hoverboard that’s right for you. Look for life per charge, weight limits, as well as length and width of the unit. These are some of the specs you should look out for as you make your selection. Once you’ve tackled that, you can move onto the fun stuff like design.

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