The Latest Pretty and Shiny Techie Toys

With all the seemingly light-speed developments in technology, it appears the minute you get the latest phone, or tech gadget a nanosecond later ( if not sooner) there is something way cooler, newer to play with. It’s no wonder we are inundated there are just too many pretty and shiny things to choose from. 

 The Buzz

With new items coming out every week, and no end in sight for public demand of the latest and greatest, we’ve picked a handful of the most noteworthy and provided some insight on each (at least until something better comes out…).

  1. Underwater drone – Yep. You read it. The PowerVision Power Ray underwater drone can handle water down to 98 ft. (30 meters) and streams 4K of video to your smartphone. So what?! It also comes with an optional Fishfinder sonar device. BOOM!
  2. A Smarter Bike – LeEco smart bikes come with a mini dashboard in the handle bar which provides navigation, a walkie-talkie to tell other cyclists to watch out, and music playback. The Tour de France is never going to be the same old race again!
  3. Toasty Feet – No matter how nice and comfy your bed is if your feet are cold they’re cold. The Sleep Number 360 smart bed detects your foot temp and turns a heater on. It also elevates your head if it detects you might be snoring.
  4. Bricks with Brains – Lego has broken the mold by offering motors and programmable bricks, which can work with existing kits. Now your creations can actually be motorized or motion-activated, and an app let’s you record voice effects to add to your builds.
  5. Rehab Monitor – Say you have a hand/wrist injury, well you slip on the Neofect Rapael which looks like a plastic exoskeleton over the area, activate the app, and now you can really see how much therapeutic progress you’re making. Genius!

But Wait!! There’s More…

We haven’t even scratched the surface on all of the innovation being released into the market daily, weekly and monthly. From LED-lit shower heads, nanny robots, ultra-hybrid cars, curved-screen gaming computers and more, we just wet your whistle. If you know of or have a newly released gadget or tool you think we should feature let us know here!

In the meantime, try not to let all of these wonderous toys, high-tech baubles, and mind-bending inventions overwhelm you. Chances are there’s a gadget to relieve the headache you’re going to have from just trying to choose.